Protect Your Property From Erosion

Call Methven Excavation & Drainage for retaining wall installation in Penn, Irwin & Monroeville, PA

Water runoff can destroy your landscape quickly, so it's important to take steps to mitigate the damage. Methven Excavation & Drainage offers professional drainage control services in Penn, Irwin & Monroeville, PA. We'll install retaining walls on your property to reduce erosion and redirect water runoff where possible.

Our team uses high-quality materials from Redi-Rock and EP Henry for our retaining wall installations. Make an appointment with us by calling 724-640-4085 now.

3 reasons to install a retaining wall

3 reasons to install a retaining wall

There are a lot of different benefits of retaining walls. Methven Excavation & Drainage will assess your property and offer solutions based on your individual landscape.

A retaining wall installation is ideal for...

  1. Reducing erosion throughout your landscape
  2. Creating division in your backyard
  3. Increasing your home's value

If you need drainage control services for your property, reach out to our team today.